The Secrets to Building a Successful Photography Team (without going crazy!) Webinar


Do you run your wedding photography business with a partner? Whether it is your spouse or a fellow photographer, working side-by-side can be challenging at times. Since you both have different personalities and ideas, how can you combine your qualities to find success? Without a solid plan in place, it can be easy to drive one another crazy, unless you have a solid plan in place.

In our Secrets to Building a Successfully Photography Team (without going crazy!) Webinar, husband and wife duo Matt and Carissa Kennedy will share their secrets to quickly become a strong team so your relationship gives you a competitive advantage in the photography industry.

Wednesday, May 18th 
10am PDT – 11am PDT


Throughout the webinar, Matt and Carissa will also share how to:
– Highlight individual strengths for maximum productivity
– Define a balance between business and personal roles
– Create a seamless and agreeable business plan
– Outsource non-profit generating tasks for more free time
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  1. Reis

    Where can I find a recording of this session? Unfortunately I missed it live.

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