30-Second Marketing Quiz for Wedding Photographers

Are you marketing your photography business in the right ways? Time is precious, and we know this is a huge question that wedding photographers constantly have. If you aren’t spending your time and energy on what is most effective, you won’t be able to grow your business. And growing your business is the best way for you to move to the next level in the photography industry.

We wanted to help you and your business. So, we surveyed the industry’s best and asked them how they marketed their business. We took all of the answers, and put them into a simple quiz for you to take. Want to see how you stack up? Our Marketing Quiz for Wedding Photographers only takes 30 seconds!


What will your results say? Will you excel at Instagram like wedding photographer Josh Newton? Or maybe you’ll find out you’re an expert blogger like Virginia wedding photographer Katelyn James! What are you waiting for? Take our Quiz today to find out how you’re doing in Marketing!

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