10 Legal Traps you Might be Falling into Webinar


In your wedding photography business, you spend much of your time on your plans to attract ideal clients. Since sharing your work with clients who are perfect for you is important, a major part of your focus should be spent on effective marketing strategies. Although this helps to expand your reach, there’s also a possibility your photos could be used by others in a way which affects your copyright.

If you find your images incorrectly credited on someone else’s platforms, do you know the proper way to defend yourself? In our Webinar, 10 Legal Traps you Might be Falling into, Rachel Brenke will share a step-by-step process on how to protect your images and measures to take if your copyright is violated.

Wednesday, February 17th
10am PST – 11am PST


Throughout the webinar, Rachel will also teach you how to:
– Avoid legal issues so you can spend more time on your art
– Efficiently use copyright registration to defend your work
– Understand the process of cease and desists
– Apply other necessary legal tools to protect your images

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