Don’t Get Blacklisted: 4 Critical Mistakes you Can’t Make in SEO


As a photographer and business owner, you have a website, blog, and social media platforms which represent your overall brand message. Incorporating techniques to help you reach more of your ideal clients is necessary for you to continue growing your business. Search Engine Optimization, SEO, is crucial for you to understand to create a business which reaches and helps you book ideal clients. For you to find additional success, your website and blog need to incorporate proper SEO tactics to help you rank higher on search engines, such as Google.

Maintaining SEO standards sounds simple, right? Although you may have practices in place to use SEO properly to attract ideal clients, there are still mistakes that go unnoticed. If not corrected, these mistakes can hurt your business and derail you from your overall goals. Here are 4 critical mistakes you cant make in SEO.

1. Duplicating Content on your Blog

Because search engines scan through your website and blog to search for relevant content matching a person’s search, it is important to maintain unique content throughout. Search Engines can tell whether you used certain content in the past, especially on your blog. If you are repeating keywords or sentences in your blog posts, the search engines might not feature your newer content. Because you will probably feature similar keywords in your posts, mix up the way they are written. Also, keep track of what keywords you use in each blog post to ensure you avoid using it in the same context too many posts in a row.


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Because every wedding you shoot has diverse images, it can become simple for you to avoid duplicating the written content for your blog posts. Even if you shoot three outdoor mountain weddings, each had a different quality or funny story to tell your blog readers. If you run into issues with writing for your blog, utilize resources such as a Thesaurus to help you find additional words to use.

2. Using Forced Keywords in Content

Although keywords are necessary in your blog posts, and on your images, they should appear natural. Search engines can tell whether you are forcing keywords in your content to encourage clicks. This is less tricky when it comes to images, as you can name your images with keywords which relate to your business.

It becomes complicated when you are featuring keywords in your blog posts. As you write in your keywords, whether they are “wedding photographer” or “wedding photography,” make sure they flow with the sentence you are writing. Also try using different keywords in your blog posts so you can avoid discrepancies with any search engines you would like to rank high on (especially Google).

3. Featuring Any Broken Links

Including statistics or social proof on your website and blog can be helpful to boost your brand. This is especially true if you find relevant information which speaks directly to your target market. Featuring statistics and social proof on your website and blog requires you to include links to other sites, such as vendors or fellow wedding photographers. Additionally, your blog should feature links which direct readers to your other pieces of content.


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If your website or blog link out to any other sites, whether they are your sites or you are linking out to other resources, the links must work. When visitors to your website or blog click on a link which is broken, two things can happen. One negative outcome is visitors may lose trust in your brand because you did not notice the link was broken. A second negative outcome is Google will make note of this and will not contribute to the rise of your ranking.

Tip: Always check the nature of your sources. If you find statistics or quotes from a reputable website, there is less of a chance the links will be broken over time.

4. Missing Alt Tags on Images

As a wedding photographer, your images are what help you connect to clients. Featuring compelling content is helpful, but your images speak directly to your ideal clients. Once your images are color corrected by a wedding photography post processing company (and you have added your artistic style), they are ready to be shared on your blog. When you upload images onto your computer, they should be named properly so clients who are searching can find them. If your images are named something vague which is attributed to the wedding day, how will potential clients know to search for them? Even if the wedding you shot was “Lisa and Danny’s Wedding,” your naming convention cannot only include the bride and groom’s names.

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For search engines to take notice of your images, include an alt tag which features “Wedding Photographer” or “Wedding Photography.” Couples who are looking for a wedding photographer search for those keywords on many occasions. Including proper alt tags on your images can help them rank on search engines and will appear for clients searching for a wedding photographer.

When you use SEO properly on your website and blog, your brand can be more visible to clients who are perfect for you. Avoiding mistakes in SEO can help you stay in good standings with the top search engines, such as Google. Discover additional ways SEO can skyrocket your reach and more with our free Guide, SEO for Photographers: 8 Pro Photographer Sucess Stories! In our guide, created in collaboration with PhotoBiz, we reached out to 8 photo industry leaders to find out how SEO empowered their photography businesses. Read through their success stories to learn more! 

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