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The 6 Most Important Angles to Capture during the First Dance


After the bride and groom say their vows, and you capture the couple and family portraits, it is time to head to the reception. When the couple is introduced at the reception, one of the first things they will do is transition into their first dance. The first dance signifies the beginning of the celebration they will have with their family and friends.

The wedding day can be hectic for your couple. As their wedding photographer, what can you do to capture this meaningful time during the reception? Switching your angles while you are shooting can make a large difference in the result of your photos. Use the same process for the first dance as you do when you are trying to diversify how you shoot the images at any other point of the wedding day. We’ve put together the 6 most important angles for you to capture during the first dance that will help you document every important moment.

1. Shoot Through the Perspective of Guests

During the wedding day, your couple has a limited opportunity to observe the reactions their guests have. Since they are busy with one another, and sharing the special first dance, this means it is your job to document the happenings. Show the bride and groom what their guests experienced as they watched the first dance by standing in the location where most people are. As you stand with them, take shots of the couple from this angle. For an artistic approach, stand behind a few guests and shoot through them. This gives your image a creative look by incorporating the guests, and shows your couple what everyone else experienced at that time.

You can also try adding the guests into the background of a few shots. Position yourself of the opposite side of the room so you can see your couple and the guests behind them. Not only will this be a creative angle to capture, it will make your couple happy to see the excitement on their guests’ faces.


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