How to Turn New Customers into Loyal Fans


In today’s competitive photography market, you need more than satisfied customers to have a thriving business. When engaged couples book you as their wedding photographer, they have committed to you and placed their faith (and money) in you and your business. Just as you trust your wedding photo editing company to take care of your post production needs, your clients are relying on you for an unforgettable experience. Even though you booked them, your work is just beginning! Once booked, you have the opportunity to provide each couple with an amazing experience leading up to their wedding day that converts them into true fans.

By turning your customers into fans, you have the opportunity to convert them into lifelong clients, and they can be trusted referral sources for you! Here are a few ways to turn new customers into loyal fans of your wedding photography business.

Understand their Needs

As a wedding photographer, remember that you are an expert in all things related to the wedding day.  Your engaged customers lean on you for your professional advice, so use your expertise to help them makes plans and decisions. By helping them, you can alleviate some of their stress that comes along with planning one of the most important days of their lives.

Create content that will help them through the planning stages. For example, one of the ways you can help share valuable wedding information is by creating a a customized bridal guide for your newly booked engaged couples. Guides are a resourceful way to answer any necessary questions, and they are great tools for your customers to pass along to friends and family!

Within the guide, include useful tips and insights on everything leading up to the wedding day that couples may want to know about. When couples hire you, send this guide out to them right away. This will immediately help them feel welcomed and excited to work with you. It also shows that you care about the entire wedding process, not just the photography aspect on the wedding day!

Keep the Communication Open

After your clients book you, be sure to connect with them on a consistent basis. Reach out to check on the progress of the wedding planning, and offer advice and help. Remember, this can be a stressful time for couples, so continuously ask yourself, “What can I do to help them?” Communicate that you are always available for questions and that you understand this can be an overwhelming process.

Your customers will know that you are interested in more than just making a profit – you are invested in the success of their wedding day. Not only will they appreciate the fact that you are willing to take time out of your busy schedule to help them, but when their friends and family are looking for a photographer, the couple will be reminded of how you were helpful throughout the entire wedding process.

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Tip: Do you respond quickest to people through texting on your phone? If so, consider giving your couples the option to text you if they want to easily reach you. This will also help your customers feel like you are sharing something more personal with them besides your business email!

Notice the Small Details

When you take time to get to know your couples on a personal level, it can help to convert them into lifelong fans of your business. From your first meeting with each couple, listen to what they share with you and take note of the small details. Here are a few examples as to how you can do this:

  • If a couple mentions one of their favorite restaurants in a conversation, use this information to your advantage! A month before the wedding date, send them a gift card to the restaurant with a personalized note. In the note, share that you wanted them to have a relaxing night out alone in the midst of their busy wedding planning process!
  • If your bride mentions that she collects something, such as seashells, try to find one for her that she can add to her collection. Send it to her before the wedding day, letting her know where you found it and how you were instantly reminded of her when you saw it.
  • These gestures will thrill your clients, and it will show them that you are paying attention to all of the details that they share with you. This can help to turn your couples into true fans of you and your business.

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Be helpful at all times, even if your couples do not know they need help. You have earned your customer’s trust once they booked you, and this is the stage when you start to convert that trust into loyalty. By shifting your engaged customers from trusting you to being loyal to you, you are turning them into True Believers of your business. Once you do this, they will not only use you for any of their photography needs, but also refer you to friends and family. For additional ways to turn new customers into loyal fans, download our Guide to Marketing for Wedding Photographers!


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