Advanced Marketing: Creating a Loyal Following


As a wedding photographer, it may be your first instinct to market towards couples who are engaged and planning their wedding. While it is valuable to target this group of people, what if you could expand your marketing reach and focus on individuals before they become engaged?

By outsourcing time-consuming parts of your business, such as color correction, to a wedding photo editing company like ShootDotEdit, you can spend your free time working to attract pre-engaged prospects. Pre-engaged prospects are potential customers who are single or dating, but not yet engaged. They may follow you on social media and be interested in you and your brand long before they have a need to book you as their wedding photographer. This is the first place where your content marketing can be effective at building trust and loyalty. This might sound like a huge undertaking, but by properly marketing to this audience, you can attract your ideal client before they are even ready to be married! This way, when that engagement finally does come along, you’re the only photographer they believe in to shoot their wedding. Here are some advanced marketing tips on how to create a loyal following.

Learn their Interests

In order to properly market to prospects who are single or dating, you have to first understand their interests and hobbies. Remember, these people are not looking for a wedding photographer, so you must find an alternative way to connect with them besides through your wedding images. Do some research and figure out where your ideal clients spent time before they became engaged. Dig deep to determine what your potential clients are truly interested in. For example, if your ideal clients are fitness buffs and love working out, find ways to make connections with people who frequent the gym. Through social media and blogging, dedicate certain posts to cater toward your pre-engaged prospects. Remember to keep these posts genuine and authentic – you want them to continually come back to your site!

Create a Personal Series

You want to be instantly relatable to your potential clients. One way to do this is to create a personal series that focuses on personal facts and stories about you. Prospects may not be in the process of looking for a photographer, so you need to give them other reasons to view your content. As they engage with the personal facts you share, it will entice them to learn more about you, and simultaneously, your work! This will help to place you top of mind even before these prospects begin thinking of a wedding photographer.

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Open up and share some of your personal values and beliefs, so that you can develop that personal connection with people who are visiting your site. Sometimes, it only takes one experience or fact to make a deep connection with someone.

For example, Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer, Terra Cooper, developed a fun and creative personal series that allowed her to draw in new clients. The series was called “The 31 flavors of Terra Cooper.” Every day, Terra posted a fact about herself along with images that related to the post. From this, she was able to gain two new clients:

“That month I booked two weddings based on just sharing fun details about myself. Create connections by posting personal facts on social media so clients get to know the real you!”

By creating a series that is consistent and systematic, she built a following and was able to create connections that led to two bookings.

Interact through Social Media

Many of your initial interactions with pre-engaged prospects can occur on a social media outlet. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all have a constant flow of posts on a user’s feed, so it is crucial that you are active on these sites. Allow your followers to view content that will encourage them to click on your page, leading them to take in interest in your work.

Orange County wedding photographer Ning Wong is an expert at getting clients to fall in love with him online. He did research and discovered that his target market lived on social media. By figuring this out, he knew that in order to drive potential clients to his site, he needed to stay current and at the top of their news feeds.

“I had a few college friends contact me out of the blue once they were engaged. They mentioned that they followed my Facebook and Instagram feed religiously and were waiting for the day they were engaged so they could book me!”

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Actively engage with people through positive interactions. Think about who they are and what will interest them most. If contacts comment on your content, be sure to reply and engage in the conversation with them. This adds to the personalization of your brand, and it encourages people to comment again on other posts that you publish.

Remember, in order to market to people who are single or dating, you need to create reasons for them to fall in love with you. Find a way to relate to them on a personal level to begin the relationship. Think about your target market and what they enjoy doing before they are engaged and actively looking for a wedding photographer. By taking the time to be personable and interact with them, you will increase the chances of them booking you! For more information on how to connect with potential clients and create a loyal following, download our guide, The Guide to Marketing for Wedding Photographers!


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