Top 5 Tips for Blogging to Grow your Business


Blogging is essential to the success of your wedding photography business. It’s a great way to showcase your photographic talents, while also being personable with your audience and clients. With a blog, you are able to generate interest in you and your brand, which can then lead to building an even larger client-base.

In our webinar, Growing Your Business through Blogging, Virginia-based wedding photographer Katelyn James discussed the importance of managing your blog and how it can help take your business from great to amazing. Here are the top 5 tips to growing your wedding photography business through your blog.

1. Know that Timing is Everything

After the wedding, how fast you begin posting images through social media becomes extremely important. You want to stay relevant in the minds of your clients, so rather than waiting 2-3 weeks to create the blog post and share images from the wedding, get right to it!

Katelyn recommends posting each wedding on the following Tuesday after the event (about 72 hours after the wedding). She calls this the “Golden Window of Impact.” The Golden Window of Impact means that you have a certain timeframe to share your photographs with maximum impact on your clients. The reasoning behind this is if you wait too long, there may already be dozens of wedding photos uploaded from guests’ smartphones or personal cameras, and the excitement and impact will have died down by the time you share your professional images. By aiming to publish the blog post right away, this will also help you speed up the rest of your post-shoot workflow, such as sending your images to a wedding photo editing company like ShootDotEdit!

“If I wait 4 weeks, my brides are not excited. They have been back to work for 3 weeks already… there has to be an efficiency and an urgency to your blog posts.” – Katelyn James

Tip: Try sharing your blog post through social media at a late hour, such as midnight. There may be less people on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter at this time, but there’s also less posts being published. When your post goes live during this time, it has a better chance of being seen, thus increasing the clicks and traction on it!

2. Focus on Headlines

Creating the content and uploading photos to each blog post is important, and this is a great place for you to be personable and really connect with potential clients. So how do you get your followers to actually click on the post? You must make it a part of your routine to generate headlines and titles that are clickable and create intrigue in the minds of your readers! With how saturated social media is with content, in order for people to stop and click on your posts, you need eye-catching titles. The headlines are just as important as the actual blog post itself! As you work on your headlines, figure out how to highlight something unique about the wedding rather than using a generic headline, such as “There is a new wedding up on the blog today.”

Tip: For tips and tricks on writing engaging headlines, Katelyn suggests using Copyblogger.

3. Share Posts with Vendors and Clients

Once you have uploaded your blog post, you will want to reach out to those who were involved in the wedding day to help gain traction on the post. You can do this by tagging the bride, groom, and vendors on social media. This will alert them to the fact that your post about their wedding is ready to be seen and shared.

By informing everyone involved that the photos are live, you are including them in the process. This is also a big plus when using Facebook, because when you tag someone, not only will they see it, but their friends and followers will see the post too! If some of their friends are newly engaged couples in search of a wedding photographer, this could be a great way for them to see your work and become interested in booking you.

“Blogging is a win win. It’s a win for you. It’s a win for your clients. And it’s a win for your vendors.” – Katelyn James

Tip: When you work with vendors who share a similar ideal client as you, be sure to include a few extra photos that showcase their work within the post. This can help encourage them to share it more through their network and get in front of clients you would love to work with!

4. Create a Calendar to Blog Consistently

One of the more challenging aspects of blogging is staying consistent with it. There may be some days where you are unsure of what to share, or maybe you are too busy and do not have time to release a post. By developing a calendar for the month ahead of time, you will create a useful outline and schedule for yourself to stay on track! This will allow you to think of topics for your posts ahead of time so you have a clear idea of what to blog about each week, as well as the best day and time to post. Remember, even if you only have 100 readers following your blog, keep to a consistent schedule! They expect you to blog, and consistency can lead to you growing your following exponentially.

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Tip: If you only have a select number of weddings that you shoot each year, you can still find ways to consistently blog. Try creating blog posts on your favorite wedding day details, or start a personal blog series!

5. Use Keywords that Brides would Search For

By including keywords within your blog posts that your ideal brides are searching for, you increase the chances of them coming across your blog and booking you. To begin figuring out the keywords brides may use, Katelyn suggests using an Incognito browser window and typing out keywords that potential clients may look for. As you type these out, other commonly searched phrases will populate, which is a great way for you to learn some of the best keywords to use!

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Simple keywords can sometimes be more powerful over a post full of technical language when it comes to SEO. For example, if you are a Boston based wedding photographer, use some simple keywords within your blog, such as, “Boston wedding photos.” Remember, think about what your brides would search for when looking for a wedding photographer!

Blogging may not come naturally at first, but once you develop a steady blogging routine, you can see a great return on the time you have invested in your business. It is important to remember that creating the blog post is only a part of the equation for successfully growing your business — a major part of successful blogging is what you do AFTER the blog is posted, in the sharing and promoting it through social media. To learn more about how your blog can help build your business and for other great marketing tips, download The Guide to Marketing for Wedding Photographers!


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