How to Find Your Ideal Client on Facebook


When you first started to build your unique brand message for your business, you may have had specific clients in mind that you would love to work with. In order for you to find and book those clients, you have to market your business in a way that captures their attention. Sharing your content on social media allows you to find clients that you may not have reached before. As a wedding photographer, you have thousands of images at your disposal, meaning that you already have content to share.

In another blog post, we discussed how to use Facebook boosts to curate custom audiences and attract your ideal client. One of the most important parts of boosting is selecting the specific qualifications of your ideal client. In Facebook, you can use advanced targeting to reach a particular audience. When you narrow down the specifications you are looking for, it will be easier to share relevant information with your ideal clients. Here are some tips on how you can use advanced targeting as a marketing tool on Facebook to attract more bookings.

Target Engaged Couples

One of the first qualifications to target by is someone who is engaged. Facebook assists you in reaching these clients by providing the option for you to choose to share your content solely with this group of people. As engaged couples prepare for their wedding, they will be searching for their wedding photographer, so this is a great time to attract them to your website through your content. Create content that would interest engaged couples, such as “The Top 10 Tips for Planning a Wedding.” As you target your specific market, they will be more inclined to click on this because it is content that pertains to them.

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Tip: If you find that couples that book you typically followed and knew about you before they were even engaged, change your targeting to couples in relationships. Create unique content for couples who are in the pre-engaged stage, so that when they do become engaged, they will want to use you as their wedding photographer!

Include age, gender, and location

Though there may be thousands of brides who are engaged and looking for a wedding photographer, they may not all fit your vision of an ideal client. The targeting that you set up in Facebook can be customized based on what you are looking for in a client. Before you begin to create your custom audience, be sure to do some research on your past and current couples to see what the common demographics are.

If you find that the clients that reached out to you in the beginning were all female, age 25-30, and live near your location, you will want to add this to your settings. If the majority of your interested users are female, you can make your content specific to them – choosing a dress, booking a venue, or hairstyles for the wedding day. Without this information, you may send content to people who are outside of the demographic and will not engage your content.

Find people who favorite a page of like-minded vendors

On your Facebook business page, be sure that you are following the various vendors that you spent time nurturing a relationship with. Some of the vendors in your network may share similar values and beliefs as you, and potential clients who like their page may also have the same qualities. Try looking into the type of clients that like these vendors’ business pages. As you are researching, if you notice that there are clients that fit your criteria, you can add them to your custom audience. This is one of the reasons that it is so important to spend time and work on your connections with vendors, because they can be endless referral sources!

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Upload a customer List to avoid re-selling

While many of your followers may be non-clients, your past and current clients could also be following your page, especially if that is how they found you.  Using Facebook is a great way for you to continue to nurture the relationship with them during and after their wedding. Since they are already customers though, there may be content that you do not want to share with them because they have already seen it or are no longer in that stage of the wedding process. For content you created specifically for harnessing new clients, upload a list of your current and past clients. From here, you can exclude this list from your boosted posts that target engaged couples.

The idea behind using Facebook’s advanced targeting is to create relationships with your clients that tell them how invested you are in their wedding day and, most importantly, in THEM. Sending your current couples irrelevant content could suggest that you are not actually invested in them and their journey, risking the chance of a continuing relationship after the wedding day.

Everything that you do for your business should revolve around creating a quick workflow, including reaching clients through Facebook targeting. From sending your images to a wedding photo editing service like ShootDotEdit to outsourcing other parts of your business, the custom audiences you create on Facebook will allow you to speed up the amount of time it takes for you to reach potential clients. Start to create compelling content that will attract your ideal clients. Learn more about what Facebook can do for your photography business in our Facebook for the Wedding Photographer Guide!


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