CreativeLive Course: Content Marketing for Photographers with Jared Bauman


CreativeLive is our favorite resource for awesome online education for professional photographers. ShootDotEdit‘s President, Jared Bauman, went on CreativeLive to share his insights and strategies for Content Marketing for Photographers!

With the rise and increasing demand for technology and social media, the way photographers attract clients has completely changed. These never-ending parade of changes can be overwhelming to busy photographers who are working hard to keep their businesses profitable. In order to rise above the noise of the competition, you must market your business in a way that provides valuable, well-timed information that is highly personalized.

In Content Marketing for Photographers, Jared will help you develop a marketing strategy that leverages technology to put your business in front of clients at the right time. You’ll learn how to:

•    Accurately identify your ideal client
•    Set up a marketing strategy to attract them
•    Use Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram to build your business
•    Maximize SEO opportunities on your website and blog
•    Nurture connections through email marketing

Be sure to buy this CreativeLive course before May 15th to receive 25% off of the price, when you use the code BAUMAN2015! Don’t miss the opportunity to learn effective marketing strategies for your business!

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