6 Ways to (Successfully) Boost a Post in Facebook


In order for you to continue growing your business throughout the year, it is crucial for you to have a daily focus on capturing the attention of your ideal clients. An advantage for you as a wedding photographer is that you have the opportunity to connect with clients through various social media outlets. With at least 1.39 billion monthly users, Facebook is one of the top social media resources for you to utilize as a business owner, and learning how to boost a post in Facebook (and succeed) will help you grow your business. As a wedding photographer, Facebook is an ideal platform for you to reach your target market.

One of the main goals for marketing on Facebook is to share your message and attract your ideal clients. A simple way for you to reach potential clients is to boost your posts. Do you have your doubts about boosting on Facebook, and its overall effectiveness? A lot of wedding photographers do. And, you might have tried boosting in the past, and not seen success. But, done right, boosting allows you to customize your settings to reach specific users who may be interested in what you have to offer. In addition to helping you with your wedding photo editing, we love to give you tips that allow you to grow your business! Here are 6 helpful tips for you to successfully boost a post in Facebook.

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1. Develop a Plan for your Facebook Boost Post

One of the biggest mistakes photographers can make is to not develop a plan for their boosting in Facebook. And, unfortunately, Facebook makes it really easy to publish a post and just hit the “Boost” button. But, without a plan, chances are your boost won’t have the effect you want. Lets start with the basics: social media is an important part of your marketing as a professional wedding photographer, and incorporating a little bit of money towards your wedding photography advertising efforts on Facebook could really help you grow. What are you hoping to achieve with your boosting on Facebook? Perhaps you are looking to get in front of new clients, or you might be interested in re-engaging old clients? Are you looking to book new weddings, or perhaps run a portrait special in your local area? Making a plan for your Facebook boost post is the starting point to ensuring you will succeed.


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2. Create a Custom Audience

Mistake #1 many photographers make when boosting a post on Facebook is to not set up a Custom Audience. Facebook gives you amazing insights and tools to target EXACTLY who you want and, in turn, not target people you don’t want. Why is this valuable? Well, for starters, the better your targeting, the better your ad will be received. The better it is received, the cheaper it will be for you. And, most importantly, the better it is received, the more value you will get from it.

You might not know this, but Facebook charges you less for a boost (or ad) that gets better engagement. But when you think about it, it makes sense. Facebook is all about making sure that their users have as good of an experience as possible. But, they also have to make money, and they do that through boosting and advertisements. Thus, in order maximize happiness and profit, they reward advertisers who present highly engaging boosts and ads by charging them less. So not only is it in your best interest to create an ad that performs well, but your budget will thank you as well!


The single best way to control who sees your boost is through building a Custom Audience. You can built the audience based on a whole host of factors. You can focus on relationship status, location, age, and male/female. You can build audiences based on people who already like your Facebook page, or you can build an audience based on past traffic to your website. You can even upload a list of your clients, and have Facebook build a Lookalike Audience, which is basically target market clients that “look like” the clients you already have.

Understanding who your ideal clients are will give you the chance to share applicable content, which will help you put the right message in front of the right people at the right time. Are your couples in their 30’s and all from your region? Or perhaps you attract young couples just graduating from college. The more precise and specific you are, the better your boost will do, and less you will spend!

3. Include Specifications to Your Target Market

As you set up your boosted posts, decide what your goal is for each particular post. You may want to reach users that are engaged and looking for a wedding photographer, or maybe you want to reach couples that are just in a relationship and not necessarily thinking about getting married yet. As we’ve mentioned, Facebook allows you to use specifications such as age, gender, location, language, and relationship status to reach your target clients. Take something that you know about your clients that is similar for most of them. For example, if most of your couples come from a certain location or area, refine your boost to that location.

Go even deeper if you can by setting up multiple audiences. For example, you can cater a specific post to a specific type of your target market. Have an audience of past customers, and a “lookalike” based on their characteristics. Try a different audience that is focused solely on demographics, such as “engaged” people who are in a certain age range and a certain region. Test your Facebook boost post across multiple audiences, and see which one performs best for you!

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4. Share Compelling Content

Once you have chosen the specifics for your target market, you can then decide what type of content you will share with them. The benefit of limiting the recipients of the boosted post is that you will be able to share content that is specific for that group of people. If you have content that you want to share but it may not be the best for a custom audience you have already set up, consider creating a new custom audience to see if it gains more traction! For example, if you typically target women because they are the ones that reach out to you about booking but you have a great blog post on “10 Ways Guys can Prep for an Engagement Shoot,” try targeting men on with that post to see if it performs better than other boosted posts.


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5. Learn The Benefits of Boosting

Since Facebook gives you the option to choose throughout the boosting process, you can decide whether you want to boost your posts per day or per campaign (one or more days) – keep in mind that the longer you set a campaign, the less traction it may get over time, costing you more money than if you were to boost for one or two days. As you are creating your boosted post, Facebook will tell you what your estimated reach is, informing you of who your content will be visible to. Once you choose how much you want to spend, you can see how many people will access your boosted post. The more you know about your target audience, the more cost effective your boosts will be. And keep track of it! Don’t forget about an ongoing boost, only to find next month that you have a large bill from Facebook!

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6. Test Your Facebook Boosting Process

When done correctly, boosting your content can be an effective way to reach potential clients. In order to know whether your boosts are working for you, it is important for you to test the process. Start by tracking the progress on your current boosted post. If you notice that you are reaching a larger audience and they are clicking on your content, then you can continue to use the same custom settings for a majority of your boosts. On the other hand, if you boosts are not reaching as many people as you wanted (and if they are costing you more than you budgeted for), consider changing your settings to receive different results. This differs for every photographer, so testing the boosting process is key to capturing the attention of potential clients.

Bonus: Use other Social Media Platforms

Facebook is a great social media tool, but it is best used in conjunction with other Social Media platforms. Many wedding photographers report that Instagram is equally as valuable to them as a marketing tool, helping them increase their brand exposure and interact with their ideal clients. Pinterest is also a great place to share your wedding images and engagement photos.

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By taking advantage of a Facebook boost post, you are adding an additional way that you can grow your business through social media. To learn mores ways to use Facebook to grow your business, download our Facebook for the Wedding Photographer Guide!

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  1. Chris G. Rose

    We love to boost our posts. It is unfortunate that the boost is necessary but that is actually an advantage. A little boost can set you apart from the average photographer as FB only shows an extremely small amount of fans. We target users who like relevant pages, such as “photography” or “camera” or “Karl Taylor” then target locations where the user resides by selecting, “Hawaii”, “Oahu” or even “Waikiki.”

    Chris G. Rose

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