3 Tips for Increasing your Post-Event Print Sales


As a professional wedding photographer, there are a variety of products and services you can offer to clients. From handcrafted albums to stunning 20×40 prints, it can be challenging to not only know how to price each item, but how to convince clients to buy the products as well!

We recently brought in Chris Scott, founder of Swift Galleries, to share insights on how to sell wall art to clients that they will love. Swift Galleries is a web-based tool for photographers to design, sell, and deliver perfectly-sized wall galleries. Here are 3 simple tips Chris has for increasing your post-event print sales!

1. Schedule Pre-Session Consultations

If you add just one thing to your process, make it the pre-session consultation. The consultation is the best way to set expectations for selling wall art. Even if you just tack 15 minutes on to the beginning of your sessions to start a dialogue about wall art, do it. By making a point to talk about wall art right away, clients will be more prepped and ready to purchase it during the sales session!

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In your pre-session consults, discuss the following:

  • Where in your client’s home they would like to display their artwork. Discuss their decorating, furniture, and interior design style so you can start narrowing down the products you’ll tell them about.
  • Use this time to photograph their rooms to use in Preveal or Swift Galleries, if you use either tool to sell wall art. If you don’t meet in your client’s home for their planning meeting, request that they share these room images with you at the time of the meeting so you can refer to them while discussing products.
  • Start suggesting locations, sizes, and layouts for wall art based on what you’ve learned about their home. Try to decide on some wall art galleries or pieces for various rooms.
  • After you’ve discussed their various product options and where they would place them, always manage their expectations with the price. The last thing you want is for a client to learn a price in your sales meeting! Tell them up-front and avoid a big headache down the road.
This is just a tiny fraction of what you can accomplish in a planning meeting, and this free webinar goes into more depth on how to effectively use these meetings!

2. Plant and Sow Seeds Throughout Your Process

You’ve begun planting seeds for a wall art sale in your planning meeting, now use the time during the engagement session and wedding to continue to sow those seeds for the sale and to build excitement for the products they’ve shown interest in. If your client loved the idea of a large portrait over the couch, be sure to tell them when you know you’ve gotten “the shot” for over the couch!  Get excited about the art you’re creating for your clients and they will be excited as well.

If you showed your clients what size would look best over the couch during the pre-session planning meeting, refer back to those sizes while showing them “the shot” you got during the session. This will help position yourself in a really good place heading into your sales meeting.

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At this point, your client has seen that a 30×45 looks great over the couch, and you showed them the photo that you think would look great in that spot. Now, between the session and the sales meeting, every time your client walks past the couch, they’re seeing that photo over the couch in their head. Your client will be selling that piece to themself, just because you’ve planted those seeds!

3. Don’t Overwhelm Your Client

Want a surefire way to kill a sale? Overwhelm your client with too many options! When you narrow down options for your clients, you get to highlight your expertise as a photographer, your experience as a business owner, and the exceptional service you offer to your clients.  Here are a few ways to do that:

  • Show 20-30 Final Photos: Once you complete your wedding photo editing, narrow the photos you want to show your clients down to the best 20-30. When you show your clients all 700 images from a wedding, you are giving your couple too many options. Even if they are able to narrow it down to their favorite images, the process is going to take longer. Take the time to go through all of the images and select the highlights from the day to share with your clients that they will want to print.
  • Don’t Mention Every Product or Option: Before the session, talk to your client about what they want to do with their photos (remember that planning meeting we just talked about?). Chances are, they haven’t even thought about this yet, and it gives you a great opportunity to mention the items that you think would work best for them.
  • Before launching into all of your product offerings, talk to the client: What is their interior design style? What are the colors of their walls? Do they prefer classic, ornate furniture over modern, minimalist furniture? What’s their absolute favorite piece of art they already own? Invest in getting to know them and their style so you can provide the best products for them!  Be the pro and talk about all the things they’ll love and leave out the things that aren’t relevant to them, their style and their tastes.

Mastering the sales process takes time, but by implementing these ideas along with some additional wall art tips, you can start to see an increase in your print sales! Wall art is just one of the many products you can offer to clients to increase profit for your business.

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