3 Facebook Tricks to Double Your Exposure


Did you know that there are up to 864 million users on Facebook per day, and 1.3 billion users on this site per month? With these numbers, the possibilities are endless when it comes to increasing followers for your business! Knowing the best ways to post on Facebook can significantly boost your chances of meeting and booking new clients for your wedding photography business. So where do you start? Here are 3 tricks that you need to help you double your exposure on Facebook.

#1. Post a variety of content

As you work to create your Facebook posting schedule for each week, it is imperative that you switch up the type of content that you provide. Post funny images, memes, or something related to photography that does not necessarily have anything to do with your business. Since posts featuring images get 39% more interaction from Facebook users, be sure to include images as often as possible. Post images that feature your favorite quotes, and encourage your followers to share them with their friends on their personal pages.

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An additional way to create variety and traction to your page is to hold a contest or giveaway for your followers. If you have always wanted to photograph a “trash the dress” shoot, why not create a giveaway around this? This will allow you to photograph something that you have been wanting to shoot, and it will create a lot of engagement with your followers! Encourage sharing to spread the word and bring new followers to your page. Josh Newton spends time talking about his strategy for which images to share on Facebook in his Social Media Hacks Webinar.

Tip: Regardless of what you post, be sure to share content that will assist you in connecting with your clients. If you love camping, it’s okay to post a photo every now and then of a past camping trip. If your ideal client loves camping too, this is a great way to form a connection and book them!

#2. Consistently post

As a business owner, it is important to create a sense of community with your followers. An easy way to do this is to post on Facebook on a consistent basis – create a system! Your followers will learn when to expect posts from you, as well as when you post throughout the week. If you know that your target audience is online on Thursdays around 7pm, be sure to schedule a post for this time! While your post may stay near the top of your followers’ news feeds longer than a post on Twitter, it is still important to strategically post to ensure that as many people see your posts as possible – remember, you want to stay top of mind with followers to help increase exposure and book more weddings!


Get Results from Facebook Today

Hootsuite is a great resource to use to schedule out your Facebook posts in advance, so you do not have to take time out of your busy schedule to post every single day. Just like you can outsource photo editing to ShootDotEdit so you can focus on other areas of your business, use Hootsuite as a social media time saver!

#3. Encourage photo tagging

Photo tagging on Facebook equals shares, likes, and new followers. You are promoting your business, your photography style, and yourself as a business owner. Using proper tagging can give you the opportunity to share your image with thousands of Facebook users (and help to convert some into followers)! If you take a post a photo of the wedding party, tag the bride and groom, and encourage them to tag the members of their wedding party. This will help to multiply the number of news feeds that this photo is seen and shared across.

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Remember to actively tell your followers to tag or share the photo – your clients can be a great source for new referrals, because if they are raving about your images, their friends and family are going to want to learn more about you, the photographer behind the images!

Creating engaging posts for Facebook is an effective way to help double your exposure and share your message with potential clients. Try out these tricks we’ve shared with you and see the increase in followers and bookings! For more tips and tricks on how to effectively promote your business on social media, download our Facebook for the Wedding Photographer Guide!


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