DotPreview from the Wedding Photographer Perspective

DotPreview – the professional wedding photographer’s best friend. Ok, well, maybe we’re a bit biased, but our DotPreview service is loved by our photographers! It is like having Free Insurance for your wedding edits!

As a quick overview, here’s how our DotPreview service works:¬†We select 10 images from your event that display different lighting conditions and color correct them according to your chosen color profile. This will give you a great overview of how the entire job will look, and it is your guarantee that you will like the way your images are edited.

“I don’t ever have to wonder what my images are going to come back looking like.” – Sara France

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But don’t take it from us. We have a quick 60-second video, with several ShootDotEdit photographers sharing their thoughts on DotPreview. Take a peek:

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“DotPreview gives me a quick peek at how the images are going to look” – Jason Grubb

“We are able to have a lot of confidence in what’s being done with our images.” – Erin Youngren

“I want to make sure that there is consistency in the skin tones, and that’s what DotPreview does for me.” – Jen Rozenbaum

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Are you interested in integrating ShootDotEdit into your workflow? We have a 4 Step Guide to help you – download it now by clicking the link below!


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