The 4 Most Important Pages of your Website

In today’s high-tech world, over 20 million people shop on the Internet. As a business owner, it is necessary for you to have a website to represent your wedding photography. The website you create should represent the important aspects of your business, drawing potential clients to you and your services. By refining your website and only including the information that potential clients want to see, you will eliminate confusion and book more clients. Here are the four most important pages to include on your photography website.

1. Photo Gallery

Your business revolves around creating stunning images for your clients. An image gallery is an asset to your website for your business. Potential clients will see the work you have done in the past to help determine if your photographic style matches what they are looking for.

Journalist Nicole Fallen mentions a University study which states that: “it takes just 2.6 seconds from the time a page loads for a person’s eyes to focus on a specific element on it.”

With this in mind, choose images that will engage the visitor immediately upon arrival to your website, just like Emry Photography’s Emily and Ryan Burhop, San Diego Wedding Photographers, have on their homepage.

2. Bio

On your website, it is important to provide a page that offers specific information about you and your business. Clients want to know who you are and what your business is all about. A way to entice clients is to provide pictures of yourself – this way they see who they are working with. Don’t be afraid to include some fun facts about yourself here – those are sometimes the factors that clients can relate to the most and decide to book you for!

Photographer Jasmine Star writes:

“Studies have shown that humans create trust, firstly, on a visual level. We initially study a person’s eyes, then judge his/her overall demeanor. Because business is largely researched on the web, the best thing a business owner can do is create a peripheral layer of trust in a short amount of time. A photo does this in spades.”

For ShootDotEdit, since we are in the business of providing wedding photographer post processing services, we make sure to clearly communicate specific information right on our home page!

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3. Contact Info

Tammy Barbee, a blogger and teacher, writes about the importance of contact information on a website:

“The Contact Us page is one of the most important pages to have on your website and plays an integral part of a website allowing visitors, the press, bloggers, or even advertisers to get in contact with you. As a business owner, having a Contact Us page connects visitors into potential customers for your business website.”

Providing an easy to locate contact page shows visitors that your business is open to communication and meeting new clients. Be sure to add in relevant contact info, such as your email address and phone number for clients to reach out to you.

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4. Pricing

Blogger Brynn Neilson writes:

“Your customer isn’t just looking for a good price, they’re looking for values that are important to them such as guarantee, ongoing friendly service, and affirmations that they are making the right decision to buy from you.”

A basic knowledge of the pricing you offer is helpful to encourage the client’s decisions. While it is not necessary to always include this page, by providing basic pricing list, it will help clients know whether or not you are within their budget.

Including clear and concise information within these four pages will make it simple for clients to get a good understanding of who you are and what you offer. For additional tips and tricks to help you reach out to your clients, download our Guide to Marketing for Wedding Photographers!


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