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SEO is becoming more important now than ever. In 2012, the Knot published a study that showed that 98% of wedding planning is done online, with 63% of a client’s online time spent researching vendors through search engines and industry listings and 45% of their time using social media to talk about or to research their wedding. These numbers are only growing.

Jason Grubb, host of our SEO Webinar  and owner of Be Findable, shared with ShootDotEdit the 5 things to do for your website to increase SEO and become more findable now.

 1)    Google Essentials

Connecting your website to Google Webmaster tools and starting a Google+ profile for your business will ensure that Google is able to find your website. In theory, Google references the 40 TRILLION sites found on the Internet on a daily basis, so even if you do nothing, eventually, you will be found. But why leave it up to chance? Visit Google Webmaster Tools to verify you own your site and to submit a site map. Then follow up by visiting Google+ to create your business profile.

2)    Be Specific

The key to good SEO in your website is found in the strategic use of keywords. In today’s searches, keywords are often a series of words or short phrases that sum up the content on your page rather than just a single word. When choosing keywords, it’s very important to be specific. Focus on your niche, the YOUniqueness that sets you apart from other photographers, and try to be specific with the group of words or phrases that you are targeting.

3)    Be Consistent Everywhere

When creating links for SEO and adding your business to various social media entities and industry listings, make sure you have a cohesive brand everywhere. SEO is most of the package, but being instantly recognizable by your brand colors, look, and tag lines will help you stand out in the minds of potential clients.

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4)    Track your Progress

When building SEO, whether by creating a keyword strategy or building links by sharing on social media, it is imperative to track your progress. As soon as you get your website up and running, your next step should be to set up a Google Analytics account. Then, take the tracking code from the Analytics account and place it on your website. Google has some great tutorials to show you exactly how to do this, depending on the platform your website is built on. As soon as the Analytics account is linked to your site, it is collecting data. The data collected can give you invaluable insight about your site and the people who visit.

5)    Outsource your SEO

Just as you may outsource photo editing, outsource your SEO. The truth is that SEO has a lot of moving parts, and while we recommend that you handle some of the SEO yourself to get 80% of the way there, partnering with a dedicated specialist like Be Findable can bring you that last 20%. It can make the difference between being on page 3 or on page 1 of a given Google Search. Since 3 out of 4 of Internet searchers do not click beyond the first page, increasing your SEO can gain you a coveted spot on page 1, and you could increase your potential client base by 75%.

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