Unlimited Happiness = Having a (fun) Life


What factors prompted you to make the decision to sign up for the UNLIMITED Plan, a part of ShootDotEdit’s wedding photo editing services? What was your decision-making process?

Speed and cost. I ran the numbers and the Unlimited Plan just made sense. At the same time, my business finally reached full steam. So, it was important to me to get images back to my clients in a timely fashion, while at the same time freeing up personal time for my family and to have a life!

What are a few highlights from your busy season that were made possible because you weren’t spending hours at your computer editing because of outsourcing photo editing to ShootDotEdit?

I was able to travel with my wife; we did a weekend in a “tiny cabon” known as a “Hobbitat” at an eco-tourism resort in Western, MD. I was also able to spend more time on my bike and with my wife and daughter. They appreciate the evenings when I’m not at my computer and when I can attend my daughter’s tennis and basketball practices. Just the simple joy of being able to cook without editing on my mind was a huge relief!

How have you leveraged the UNLIMITED Plan to benefit your business?  

I feel like I was able to work more “on my business” rather than “in my business.” Having the Unlimited Plan definitely freed up time for me to work on marketing and networking to keep my business moving in the right direction. I also took on a personal project with an Oz Themed Photoshoot!

What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in your life – outside of business – since signing up for the UNLIMITED Plan?

I’m more “present” and less scatter-brained trying to keep track of my workload.

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What personal project or hobby do you have time to pursue now?

Definitely more outdoor sports such as mountain biking, and now that winter is here, skiing!

What advice would you give someone considering signing up for the UNLIMITED Plan?

Do it. You won’t regret it. Your family, clients, and mind will thank you.

Karlo Gesner is a Candid and Stylish Wedding Photographer based out of Lancaster, PA. Karlo loves photography, and also loves getting into the outdoors, a good meal, and quality music.

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