How to Simplify Post-Shoot Production


Post-shoot production is crucial for your business, but let’s be honest, it can also be tedious and overwhelming. When you use photo editing companies for photographers, like ShootDotEdit, to take care of your post production needs, you can transform a seemingly unending chore into a streamlined series of processes. Simplicity will get you back to what you do best, quickly—shooting!

Why is simplicity key?

There are boatloads of moving pieces in your photography business making it dangerously easy for important tasks to slip through the cracks. As a photography business owner, you’re juggling a lot of responsibilities and wearing many hats. When any one of those responsibilities slips by you, it hurts your ability to take care of your clients. And that hurts your client relationships, your reputation and your ability to grow your business.

Simplifying your post- production helps you streamline the process for managing these moving pieces, adding an extra layer of defense between you and damaged client relationships.

Here are two tips for keeping your post-shoot processes and production SIMPLE:

Tip #1: Map Out Your Post-Shoot Workflow & Remove Excess Steps

Taking an individual job from shoot to client might be easy to do when you’re only working on one shoot at a time. But, it immediately becomes more complex and confusing when you’ve got multiple shoots in various stages of the process, on your plate (and on deadline). It’s at this point that tasks can easily slip through the cracks!

Make it as simple to manage a growing list of shoots as possible by mapping out your workflow, identifying each individual step and task, when they need to be done and who needs to do them.

Once you’ve mapped out your workflow, keep it as simple and concise as possible by cutting out any excess steps. After all, why have two steps when one will do?

Tip #2: Find Partners that Prioritize Simplicity Too

Partnering with outside specialists is supposed to make your life easier not more complicated and confusing! Make sure you choose partners that prioritize simplicity instead of overcomplicating your already complicated workflow. Here are two ways we’ve prioritized simplicity for our clients:

Dot Tracker 2.0

We created Dot Tracker 2.0, our newly-improved and awesome job management tool, entirely to make it even simpler for our clients to submit and manage their jobs. Take a tour and see for yourself!


We partnered with Industry Leaders to design top notch workflows that are readily accessible for our clients. When you submit a job through Dot Tracker 2.0, you can simply choose which workflow you want to use to process that job. Lightroom? Aperture? Legacy workflows? We’ve got ’em all, and they’re all at your fingertips!

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