ShootDotEdit Review: The Decision to Work with a Post-Production Specialist


Making the decision to work with a wedding photography editing service can be a daunting leap to make, especially if you’re not confident that in an outside partner’s ability to edit wedding photos as well as you can. But while it’s tempting to let this fear hold you back from partnering with a post production specialist, giving in to that temptation may come at the expense of growing your business.

Corrado Amenta is a wedding photographer who worried that the decision to trust a partner with his post production would mean his images wouldn’t look as good as when he edited them himself. Here’s Corrado’s take on how to successfully navigate the process of working with an outside post production specialist and the surprising truth about editing that he learned along the way.

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Instead of editing all of his wedding images, he found that he needed the time to focus on other areas of his business in order to grow as he envisioned. Since trusting ShootDotEdit, his business has grown significantly, including:

– Image and Album Design Delivery in 5-7 days
– Doubled Profit while working same amount
– Hiked Mt. Kilimanjaro

Download this ShootDotEdit Review to learn more about how Corrado advanced his business with the help of ShootDotEdit.


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